We Are Priceless

All our pasts may consist of mistakes, but we shouldn’t define ourselves, or worth on the mistakes we have made. Once we ask God to forgive us, He forgives, and forgets all that we have done. However, we must forgive ourselves and let go of our past, and look to the future. For God has a great future for all of us. So, we shouldn’t let anything or anyone make us feel as if we are worthless, or not worthy. Everyone God has made is priceless and He loves each and everyone of us. His love for us is so great that nothing in all creation can come between it, and He gave his one and only Son, Jesus Christ to save us. Jesus is God in the flesh. Therefore, we are worth what God is worth to himself.


Lord, Save Me

When Jesus appeared to the disciples walking on water, Peter joined Him on the water. Peter noticed the wind and became afraid, at once he began to sink. While sinking, Peter cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. The Lord is there ready to catch us, all we have to do is ask him for help. We must trust that He will get us through any situation. The Lord’s love for us is great. When we cry out to him, he listens. For Jonah once tried to flee from the Lord, but from deep within the belly of the fish, he remember the Lord and cried out to him. The Lord listened, and forgave him. Therefore, do not let your past, or whatever you have done hold you back from receive Gods forgiveness and love. For both are too great to miss out on. When you find yourself sinking, raise your prayer to God, and cry out, “Lord, save me!”